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The Challenge
Gatwick Express had been providing a non-stop service between Central London and Gatwick since 1984. But after a lack of investment, the brand had become out of touch – meaning passengers felt its high price point wasn’t justified.

With a new fleet, timetables and staff training, Gatwick Express needed a newly invigorated brand that could deliver a seamless, compelling experience.

The Insight
We recognised that in the hustle and bustle of getting to and from the airport, people, whether travelling for business or a holiday away, were looking for a cool, calm and connected experience. A confident expert that could get them to where they need to be – on time and in comfort.

The Idea
We lost the clutter and made our new logo all about clarity. The mix of cusps and curves bring a sense of calm to the brand. And the ‘G’ and ‘X’ feel seamlessly connected and simple. We brought this sense of clarity to all the brand communications – including tone of voice and photography.

The Impact
“Elmwood has set us up with a fantastic looking, future-proof brand which has energised staff across the business. It’s great to work with such a passionate team, pushing our comfort zone boundaries, and accommodating feedback and constraints with ease.”

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