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My name is Damian Dsiah kenion. I am a creative illustrator/artist based in the United Kingdom. I am looking to leave my 9-5 job in pursuit of my profession and be a freelance artist, maybe even an Artist within a company. Any work I produce, in my eyes could always be greater, so I am always progressing in bettering my illustrating abilities. It is my dream to be doing what I love and do best. The kind of illustrating I create is statement art mainly. I like to illustrate drawings with a strong meaning. I am currently illustrating tattoos for three clients, these are my first so I am sceptical and a bit clueless, on what commission I should be charging. I absolutely love most of the artistry I see, and it always inspires me to do more, also do better. I have joined creative pool to connect with other creatives, basically just be involved, get my work noticed also notice and admire other people's Art and learn more and more, so I can perfect the craft. Maybe, others can connect and maybe learn from me.


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