Doug Brown Motion Graphics and VFX Artist


Finally managed to finish the last School of Motion 'Advanced Motion Methods' assignment hosted by Sander van Dijk! We were given these really wonderful boards to work with designed by Sarah Beth Morgan, just fantastic. I learnt so many great things during the course which have really stuck with me, am extremely glad and lucky to have been on the course. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try and get closer to becoming a black belt in AE haha!!

Plugins and scripts wise I didn't use anything too major, apart from 'Joysticks 'n Sliders' to rig the Bee. Aside from that what I did use made my workflow much more efficient. Sander showed us how he uses 'Keysmith' and 'EaseCopy' from AEScripts, which now I can't work without, they help so much. I used a small bit of 'Deep Glow' as well for the light bulb to quickly give it a nice look. Aside from that was basically all native AE and the techniques Sander taught us.

One extra thing I added though was a subtle bit of dust that shows up in the light using a track matte, which was from Greyscalegorilla's new really cool 'DUST' bundle. Also found the perfect track for it on PremiumBeat called 'In Secret' by the music Tiny Music Studio - Music by Florian Seraul, just lifts the whole animation up so well.

Huge thanks to Sander and everyone at School of Motion for creating such a brilliant course, also huge thanks to all my inspiring fellow students who I also learned from plus helped and encouraged each other to get through it!


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