The challenge
Nike – in collaboration with W+K and Splash Worldwide– created a series of TV ads whose theme was the ‘inner thoughts’, of different women working out in a gym. Our challenge was to adapt these scripts into five European languages. Themes of personal challenge, perseverance and winning through are broadly universal. However, the way we think, how we phrase our thoughts, and the references we use differ depending on our age and culture. We had to understand the target audience and its culture in each market.

The solution
A team of writers and script editors analysed the scripts line by line.
Our aim was to make the scripts as natural and idiomatic as possible in each language, retaining their intimate nature and sense of humour, and localising cultural references only where necessary.
Working closely with W+K’s creatives, we were able to quickly accommodate any late changes.

The result
Our team delivered a set of scripts that were natural, funny, intimate and real. We supported Nike and W+K throughout production of the films, including voice selection and recording, and creation of HOH subtitles in each language, for online audiences.

Project featured: on 5th February 2016

Inner Thoughts campaign for Nike Woman