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We waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year. Half of this is fruit and veg deemed to be too wonky or ugly, left by supermarkets who refuse to purchase it. Our client had a great idea: turn this rejected produce in to juice. The only problem was finding a brand for it, that worked.

Food and drink made from waste has become an emerging category. We saw a chance to lead it. To succeed, we needed to engage with Millennials and Gen Z by creating a brand that mattered to them. It needed a story and purpose, a strong proposition, an engaging personality.

We came up with a new name, Flawsome! The idea of ‘flawed…but awesome’ took the brand to a new place where it could thrive and grow into something bigger than just juice in the future. The long-term brand purpose we developed went beyond simply saving food too – it encouraged people to look at waste again and imagine what they could do with it. To look for ways to upcycle and make something useful or beautiful.

The brand manifesto champions individuality over perfection and creating the brand, we were true to its values. The brand identity and product illustrations were montaged from letters and pictures cut from recycled magazines. Displays and pop-ups were made from materials like old fruit crates that would have otherwise also gone to waste. We also advised the brand to use bottles made of recycled glass – imperfect maybe, but that was the point and it also meant we saved plastic.

We have also launched a campaign to regenerate community areas like sports pitches and parks to lift the brand and lives of the local people at the same time.

From wonky to wonderful, Flawsome! is now boasting 400% yoy growth since our rebrand.

Date published: 8 July 2020 2020-07-08T16:17:50+0100


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From Wonky to Wonderful!


It was my honour to work with Colley Porter Bell to transform old self-made, bland project into creative, exciting and full of purpose brand! Rebranding can understandably feel like a very daunting task, and this is what exactly we thought at first. Although, Coley's Porter Bell team immersed into our project, they could feel it (literally touching imperfect fruit) and breathed with it (enjoying fresh juices) to make sure that together we can make a change. Quickly we all understood that our old brand wasn’t conveying through name and design how the brand is distinctive and failed to put its brand purpose at its heart. Coley Porter Bell team was about all about repurposing, finding our true voice and building an authentic brand that makes an impact. Eventually the impact making product has met an impact making branding as a companion. The support, advice and experience that we gained working with Coley Porter Bell was priceless. The project was truly collaborative and we enjoyed every step of the process. From wonky to wonderful, literally.

* Maciek Kacprzyk
Managing Director at Flawsome!
30 Sep 2019