Coley Porter Bell designs M&S’s own plant-based product range

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January 9, 2019 – London, UK: Marks & Spencer has launched its new nationwide product range, ‘Plant Kitchen’ which positions the M&S brand as ready for tomorrow’s diet-conscious customers looking for alternative, healthy food.

The ‘Plant Kitchen’ product range’s packaging was designed by the UK’s leading brand design agency, Coley Porter Bell, and helps unleash the power of plant-based nutrition. The stylish, vibrant ‘street food’ design embodies the modern, fresh and innovative feel associated with M&S, Britain’s highest scoring retail brand on YouGov’s ‘Brand Index’.

The pack design ensures the range overcomes the main barrier to adoption of plant-based food options, perception of taste, by celebrating the natural goodness of plants with a bold brand marque stamped directly onto a pure blue background. The design also conveys a positive, upbeat attitude to help the new range stand out, and places an emphasis on the contemporary craft movement that’s making inroads in British cuisine.

Featuring across 60 delicious meat and dairy-free plant-based fresh meals, salads, snacks and ingredients, the pack design ensures the new range is ready for ‘Instagrammability’ and is as equally comfortable on- and off-pack.

Plant Kitchen meals are the first M&S ready meals to use widely recycled trays, as well as foil trays and cardboard boxes. M&S is also replacing its black plastic trays with widely recyclable alternatives for its popular healthy eating range ‘Balanced For You’ from January, as part of M&S’s commitment to ensure all its plastic packaging is easy to recycle by 2022.

James Ramsden, Executive Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell, said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to create a brand that celebrates the natural goodness of plants with a bold and dynamic design that captures the vibrant power of plants. As more and more consumers move towards vegetarian and vegan products, M&S is well-placed to capitalise on its rich, innovative history in the food market. We’re proud to have worked with such a well-loved retailer to champion a movement towards health and wellbeing.”

Simon Brady, Head of Food Brand and Design, M&S, said: "We wanted to give the packaging the same nurture and care as we give to the product, and we feel this fresh and forward-thinking design does just this, while fitting snuggly into the wider M&S Food brand.”

Claire Richardson, senior product developer, M&S, said: “Some people think meat-free food is dull but this couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s experimental and it’s delicious. We’ve created a collection that will appeal to everyone – whether you’re a longstanding vegan, want to lead a more flexitarian lifestyle or you love meat but think cauliflower popcorn sounds amazing! It’s all about delicious tasting food first. My favourite is the Teriyaki Tofu and Rice which is delicious and I love the kick of chilli.”

About Coley Porter Bell: In today’s fast-moving world, businesses and brands are facing unprecedented levels of change. Coley Porter Bell is a global branding agency that applies creativity to help clients and their brands turn the challenge of change into a growth opportunity, whatever form that change takes. In that context of change, it's more important than ever to understand how people actually decode the world and make decisions about the businesses and brands in their lives. Whatever the circumstances, successful brands need to first ‘seduce’ the instinctive and intuitive part of our brain (our ‘System 1’) and then ‘convince’ the more reflective ‘System 2’ part. To achieve this, Coley Porter Bell has worked with academic and scientific experts to understand how learnings from neuroscience can be applied to brand creation and brand design. Part of WPP and Ogilvy, the agency has 40 years’ experience of design and branding.


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