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Cheil Germany Frankfurt/ Main


Meet the THE RICH B!TCH FRIDGE. An ordinary fridge turned into an interactive communication and sales tool with animated HD screen, camera, permanent internet connection, and accompanying Facebook and mobile apps. Guys can buy nonstop RICH Secco in the virtual fridge on Facebook. Girls can take a free RICH Secco from the real fridge in the club in exchange for a photo and Facebook connection posted to the spender. Thus, it gives guys all over the chance to pick up as many girls in as many clubs they want – even when they are at home.

- For the first time selling Rich Secco to men, a target group never reached before!
- Sales uplift by 416% through the Facebook app compared to the usual club sales.
- The fridge in the club, containing 420 cans, had to be restocked just after 6 hours.
- Posts and mentions about the promotion reached more than 100.000 Facebook users within one week.
- Increase of Brand appeal by 22%.
- Product now being rolled out in premium clubs all over Germany.

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Date published: 19 January 2015 2015-01-19T15:52:33+0000


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The Rich Bitch Fridge