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Our mobility has radically changed, and we need something that can help us to make the right decisions and get ahead in this fragmented mess full of possibilities. Sometimes we choose one way, sometimes another, all depending on our finances, how much time we have and the means of transport available – or simply how we feel at the time.
Together with and for Deutsche Bahn AG, we have therefore developed Qixxit: the mobility adviser for a new generation as a mobile app and for the Web. Qixxit combines all available means of transport such as ICE inter-city trains, regional trains, buses, underground trains, trams, local trains, cars, bicycles, footpaths, taxis, car sharing, bike sharing, hire cars, coaches and aircraft, creating useful travel chains based on people’s needs. Thanks to the ecosystem that works across a number of devices, journeys can be planned with Qixxit on a PC and then followed on a smartphone, with the app providing support along the way on the basis of real-time information.
Qixxit is still in the beta phase and there is already a considerable amount of interest among circles which we consider to be important, and the demands and comments serve as a constant incentive. The daily experiences of current testers help us to continually improve Qixxit in line with users’ requirements. Best of all, everyone is able to get their own impression at qixxit and be part of our testing team.

Date created: January 2014 2014-01-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 2 July 2015 2015-07-02T14:12:49+0100


Clios - Gold
Eurobest Award
iF Communication Design Award
Red Dot Concept Design Award


Qixxit - Mobility for a new generation