Synopsis of film
It started over 40 years ago with five people and four chairs and is now a business of nearly 8000. The story that got Investec there is an incredible one that, until now, has never been told. Our film has been created as a way of bringing to life the rich history and culture of Investec, dramatising how different it is to any other bank. The narrative succinctly captures the unusual beginnings of Investec and, regardless of the year or location, the timeless principles at the heart of the culture.

The story starts in Johannesburg 1974, in the founder’s first office from day one of their journey. It is told directly to the viewer by one man. He seamlessly walks us through 40 years of Investec history, taking us from an oppressive South African regime to the present day in London. The viewer is invited to use their imagination every step of the way.

Financial films are notoriously dull. We wanted ours to be authentic to Investec’s story and personality in every way, including a peppering of irreverence and humour. It’s a film that speaks to the Restless Spirits within Investec as much as having the potential to engage beyond

Investec have great ambitions for their Private Bank. They intend it not only to succeed globally, but also to become the shop window for the whole Group.

To enable this, we developed a powerful new Private Bank positioning and client-facing campaign. We now needed equally strong internal activity to inspire staff to fulfil the promise.

Investec is not like other Banks; its difference lies in culture. Investec is still led by its founders; their entrepreneurial ‘Restless Spirit’ still energises the organisation.

Our campaign dramatised Investec’s ‘Restless Spirit’ and told stories of like-minded ambassadors to position the bank aspirationally for modern wealth. Our brief was to help Investec Private Bank and Group staff (a) understand how this dramatic repositioning was true to the Investec’s roots (b) engender a sense of pride in Investec values and (c) inspire staff to live up to the Restless Spiritedness that drives the bank.

The roll out of the repositioning was a significant act for Investec. To lead this, we created the film ‘Imagination Required’ to provide a rallying cry by communicating the three objectives in an emotionally impactful way to launch the campaign, repositioning and future of the bank.

Results in relations to objectives
The repositioning has been a great success. The external campaign has driven awareness, preference and given the brand caché. However a repositioning is only meaningful in so far as it’s embraced by staff. Here, the power of the film to inspire and engender pride has enabled it to win hearts and minds.

The emotional impact can be gauged by the fact that on seeing the film for the first time, Investec-founder Bernard Kantor, was left deeply moved, lost for words and proclaimed that for the first time in over 40 years, the film has authentically captured the true essence of the bank.

Imagination Required has since been shown to Investec staff around the world and now forms a key part of the induction programme ensuring Investec’s culture and values are communicated and understood at every level now and in the future.

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