Men don’t always take proper care of themselves. And Dads are the epitome of the
problem. For Dads, the family’s needs come first, which means their own physical
and mental wellbeing takes a back seat. But Dads need to experience care too – because when they do, they’re better at caring for others. Our research showed that they will be 58% more likely to care for others, in fact, and 2 times as likely to share the chores. That’s where Dove Men+Care came in. They challenged us to find a way inspire Dads to care for themselves and give them the support and care they need to better care for others.


This Father’s Day, we turned a moment of care from Dad, into a moment of care
for Dad with a special story time surprise. Working closely with acclaimed children’s
author and illustrator, Keith Negley, we created a story with a very important
message: it’s important to reset and recharge. Because when you do, everyone
around you feels it. Through a series of interviews with families across the US, we identified three dads who were clearly in need of care. Then, working together with Keith and
their families, we created bespoke versions of our bedtime story to present to
them as a special Father’s Day gift. We captured the process of writing, illustrating,
and surprising our Dads as part of an emotive mini-documentary. Our bedtime
story-with-a-twist was made available to download, so Dads
everywhere could read with their kids. We then partnered with Headspace to create
Dad meditations and a 3-month free membership offer and housed it all on our
campaign hub with a series of DadsCare How-To videos. Finally, we worked with international gender equality charity, Promundo, to create a research report called Care Leads To Care that we launched on International Men’s Day.


A hit from the moment it launched, our campaign was named “Ad of the Week” by The Drum, and “Pick of the Day” in Ad Age and was featured in numerous national publications such as USA Today, yahoo news, Nasdaq news and msn news. Incredibly, 75% of traffic to the Dove website during our campaign period was to our Dads Care hub. And best of all, there was a significant value sales lift throughout the campaign and in the months afterward.


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