Angela Duffield-Warren Graphic Designer /​ Illustrator


I designed the poster for VM Productions interview with their art director Brad Lublin.

Poster Design- Interview with Brad Lublin


We’re collaborating with Angela Duffield-Warren on a creation of posters and the similar graphic works for our company’s videos and films. Angela’s highly creative abilities and insightful work provide a great set of concepts. She is a brilliant Graphic Designer. I’m immensely impressed and pleased with her level of talent, her diligent efforts, her creativity and professionalism. Angela has a great experience working on illustrations, newsletters, reports, invitations, and posters. She’s one of the very few freelancers that everyone in our office actually enjoyed doing business with on a regular basis. Angela is most professional and is truly passionate about her work. She brings such thought and innovation to the projects! She listens thoroughly and provides solutions that answer your specific needs! I wholeheartedly recommend Angela for your design needs!

President at VM Productions
03 Jun 2019


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