About me

Writing has always been a part of me but it was not until finding the warrior forum that I decided I want to be a copywriter. Writing for sales and to provoke an action has become an integral part of my business.

The website is designed and content written by me:

- I write magalogs, newspaper advertorials, direct mail packages, VSLs, emails, landing pages, white papers, and e-commerce website pages.

- I write for copy B2C and B2B

Why work with me


✔ I know how to marry customer desires to your products

✔ I use proven strategies that work on a deeper psychological level

✔ I can tell your story in your voice based on what you want

This is the process I live by:

1. Ask questions

2. Research

3. Creatively and critically think

4. Write rough drafts

5. Consult with my client

6. Ask more questions if I need to

7. Rewrite

8. Pass it by my client until they are satisfied

9. Then deliver on time

It may sound like a long process, but it works.

This is the level of care and attention I personally give to every copy. This is what you can expect from me.


Copywriting, SEO, Social Media, Writing

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Digital (SEO, PPC, SEM...)

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