Creative Contractor Guide (SW)

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For those of you in the creative industries, we don’t need to tell you that 2016 was yet another busy year. We worked with some amazing businesses and helped creative teams of all shapes and sizes grow across the South West. Our heads are still spinning from it all, but 2017 is in full flow and it’s already looking like we’ve got a promising year ahead.

A common talking point for us and our partners in these busy times is that of freelance support. Whether an SME, blue chip organisation, start up, or agency; every team can feel the pressure of mounting deadlines or a gap in their expertise for specialist briefs.

In times like these a contractor can be a powerful addition to a permanent team. You can draft in an extra pair of hands to get important work through the door on time, or hire in a much needed skill your team just doesn’t have. To lend a helping hand, we’ve put together a short and snappy Creative Contractor Guide for the South West. We’ve included some day rate benchmarks based on our local knowledge, and even shared a few tips to consider when hiring and keeping the best in freelance talent.

The tips in this particular guide are for those of you looking to hire freelancers.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tools to come as part of our ‘Creative Contractor Tools’ series throughout the year. Please feel free to download and share the guide as you wish and of course, if you’re looking to hire contractors yourself, build a permanent team of creatives or just want to pick our brains on the market don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Creative Contractor Guide (SW)


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