Director Martyn Pick designed, storyboarded and animated the opening sequence for Emmy Award Winning film-maker Bared Maronian’s documentary feature about the Armenian Genocide, “Women of 1915” ,in which an estimated 1 million of the Armenian subjects of the Ottoman government (in present day Turkey) were exterminated. The film which had its premiere screening in the US at the beginning of June featured an opening animated prologue sequence designed and animated by Martyn Pick, further developing the digital painting technique he has developed alongside his live action narrative film direction.

Martyn, who cites the influences of Guillermo Del Toro, Terence Fisher and Mario Bava in the use of colour and William Blake in the styling, developed his ideas from the myths and fables around the Armenian ancient twelve gods in the introduction sequence.Martyn's unique digital painting technique was used throughout the backgrounds, the expressionistic transitions and to work into the figurative animation animator Gill Bradley and Martyn created. A small crew was used to maximise the budget and timing for production. The sequence was produced out the US by Liz Shaw and Three Wise Monkeys Smoke and Flame artist Brian King completed the grading and compositing of the animation layers to produce the finalised sequence at Cinema resolution.

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Women Of 1915 feature film - Opening title sequence