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Truly is on mission to solidify itself as the go-to hard seltzer of downtown cool kids and the creative class. They stand in stark contradiction to competitors like White Claw and Bud Light Seltzer, who are doing everything they can to blend in with masses of homogenous drinkers.

These flavored-inspired, custom mailers – targeted to sneaker influencers – delivered the new, crisper fresh taste of Truly to a niche, but vocal audience in their own visual language.

World-renowned illustrators were briefed to bring Truly’s unique flavors to life. Participating talent included Alex Trochut, Bang Sangho, Alva Skog, Eero Lampinen, Justyna Stasik, La Boca, Mike Wilcox, Rich Tu, Sophy Hollington, Shawna X, James Dawes, and Sean Friedmen. 

In addition to generating in-depth unboxing videos and flavor reviews from each of the targeted influencers, Truly Flavor Drop started conversations around the brand’s willingness to embrace the creative class and set the stage for future collaborations.

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