Examples of political caricatures made in 2018
- Curcus Borderline
- Brett Kavanaugh
- Hariton Pushwagner
- Bashar Al-Sadass
- Henrik Ibsen
- Second House: Tor Mikkel (fox) Wara. New minister of Justice 2018.
Previously he worked as an PR. adviser in the company "first house" in Oslo.
- President Donald Tweet
- ... Unnskyld? (... Sorry?) Prime minister Erna Solberg and minister of justice Sylvie Listhaug
- Byggmester BobBob
- Vladimir Octoputin
- The Real State of the Union
- New Year Rockets 2018
- "Three little piglets". New government in Norway 2018. Prime minister Erna Solberg, minister of finance Siv Jensen, and minister of culture Trine Skei Grande
- #MeToo:Trond Giske - Vice-Chairman of the Labor Party in Norway.

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