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I worked with the design team at Proteus Digital Health to create the animated content for this explainer, which was shown at DAVOS. It promotes their product, an ingestible sensor that once swallowed, is activated by fluid in the stomach and communicates with a wearable patch and a mobile app. We went with a clinical and yet friendly style to integrate with the Proteus brand. The main character was animated mostly in toon boom harmony. I also used 3D to demonstrate the functionality of the product which the character proceeds to interact with. This introductory video forms a key part of the user journey on the Proteus Digital Health website, which is currently in development.


Animation, Design, Illustration - Seb Hartzell
Creative Direction - Amir Sheikh
DOP- Petr Krejci
Grading - Raitis Petrovs
Script - Phil Pinn


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