Creating a better, more sustainable future for our planet is at the centre of the Day2 ethos. By creating products that challenge the status quo, they drive constant progression and improvement.

We created a brand identity and pack design for the launch of Day 2; the world’s first dry wash spray.

Machine washing clothes wastes around 60L of water and produces ½ a kilo of CO2. A staggering statistic considering 40% of the clothes we wash have only been worn once. Day2 asked “why?” and seized the opportunity for better. They found a solution to our over washing habits; a dry wash spray to use between washes, freshening, softening & smoothing clothes, resetting them for another wear.

This pioneering spirit inspired us to create a visual identity which challenges convention. Day2 is a mindset, it is not defined by a product or a category and for this reason the brand identity needed to embody a purpose more than a product. The visual style revolves around a ‘less / greater than’ symbol to reflect the philosophy that ‘less is more’; less waste, less damage, more sustainable.

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