19 October 2010

We've Reached 70,000 Members!

XXXXXXXXXXX That's right, we're delighted to tell you that the Creativepool community has now reached the 70k mark.

With more members than ever before, the site is growing at a rapid rate and is brimming with top notch creative talent.

We'd like to thank all our members for being part of our community and making Creativepool what it is - the best online resource for creative talent.

Failure to launch: why some brands don't make it.

Magnus' Blog Launching a brand or product is a very expensive endeavour. By the time you've researched it, tested it, advertised it, distributed it and actually produced the goods or service, you're looking at a tab with six zeros on the end.

Of course, getting it right reaps some hefty rewards and should you be lucky enough to be behind the i-Pod or the Big Mac, your initial investment starts to look like chicken feed. But it's an imperfect world and far more brands bite the dust than hit real paydirt.

So what makes the difference between rip roaring success and utter disaster? Magnus Shaw looks at some brand disasters and the lessons they hold for the marketeer.

Click here to read Magnus' blog

The Liverpool Design Festival comes to town

Liverpool Design Festival The Liverpool Design Festival was launched in November 2009 as a new annual design and contemporary craft festival.

The Festival incorporated over a dozen events in Liverpool city centre and the wider Merseyside area and nearly 8,000 people visited or participated in exhibitions, workshops, debates and talks and the Festival saw hundreds of designers from across the UK showcase their work.

The 2010 Festival, building on the success of the previous year's events, celebrates and promotes quality design. Not only does it encourage an appreciation of craft and design by the widest possible audience, it also provides opportunities for participation, particularly by young people, in design and artistic appreciation.

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Meet Mike Reed. Freelance Copywriter

John's Blog Don't you just hate charming people? All that pleasantry and niceness really winds me up. It gets me gnashing my teeth. And you know what's worse? It's those irksome types who are both charming AND talented. I say we should put them to the sword. Have them locked away. Frankly the world would be a better place without them.

Anyway, here's my interview with the multi-award winning freelance copywriter Mike Reed. The bad news is not only is he mind-numbingly charming, he's so talented it's vulgar.

People, I promise you this won't happen again. Stick with it this time and trust me when I say, the usual bunch of shits will be back next week.

Read John's blog here

Creativepool Poll

Creativepool Pool In our last newsletter, we asked the question 'Qualifications Vs Experience - What do you value more as a way to get ahead in the industry?'

76% of you said that experience was the key factor to getting ahead

18% chose qualifications and 6% said it was something different altogether.

In this edition we are asking "Creativity: Career or calling? - Did you find a job to suit your creative skills or choose the career and acquire the skills later?"

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Ryanair - the floating marketplace

Jessica's Blog Ryanair - the Brits abroad favourite cheapo airline where the copious amounts of queuing and antisocial flight times used to be the only pitfall for getting a £20 flight.

But as Jessica Hazel soon discovered during an early morning flight, the big wigs behind the brand have now turned the airline into an airborne marketplace where you are hassled for your hard earned money at regular 30-second intervals.

Read on for the full rant.

CP Spotlight - The Hidden Dingbat Collective

XXXXXXXXXXX We have something a little special for you in this week's CP Spotlight, because instead of bringing you another creative individual, we bring you The Hidden Dingbat Collective; the highly creative duo of Lauren Baker and Phil Howell.

After seeing their work in our Freelance Directory, we got in touch to see what made their creative minds tick, what motivates them and what their dream project would be.

With both giving insightful and sometimes bizarre answers, join us as we talk about Jay-Z, Star Wars and why two heads are definitely better than one.

Read the interview here

Lights, Camera, Pitch: What Hollywood Teaches Us About Advertising

XXXXXXXXXXX Creativepool have teamed up with Pounding the Pavement this month to bring you the following very special guest blog:

The advertising industry, as portrayed by the world of film and television, is a fascinating, deeply weird place, and likely a rather unrealistic one, given the things that happen in fictional boardroom meetings and as a consequence of imaginary products.

Even the ones based on reality, like Matt Weiner's Mad Men, prompt mixed responses from genuine ad men. Both stating that the series is entirely realistic but also that its world is a complete and total fabrication.

Read the rest of our guest blog here

Gap scraps new logo after online outcry

Scrapped Gap logo US clothes retailer Gap has scrapped a new logo just one week after its introduction following an "outpouring of comments" online.

The new logo on the website had "Gap" written in black against a light background with a small blue square behind the top of the letter "p".

But critics attacked the rebranding on social networks and online forums. More than 2,000 comments were posted on the company's Facebook page on the issue, with many demanding the return of the traditional logo.

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