30 August 2011

Are creative subjects being discriminated against?

Are history and maths really harder than media studies and photography?

The creative subjects taught at A-Level may be set to be devalued against more traditional subjects but is this a decision that can be justified at all? With evidence suggesting that universities are already discriminating against creative qualifications, it seems like our industry's subjects may well be under attack.

Are the odds being stacked against those studying the creative world?

£1,000 is up for grabs with the Creativepool Treasurehunt

The London Design Festival is right around the corner and there is absolutely no better way to take in the sights of the festival than by taking part in Creativepool's first ever treasurehunt.

Sign your team up today and compete for the chance to bag an amazing cash prize of £1,000.

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This week's pick of the very best CP freelance talent

The best current freelancers on the site are right here! Click an image to view their profile.

Did your work make it into this space? No?

If you'd like to get your work in front of over 60,000 readers of the CP newsletter then make sure your profile is up to date and displaying your best work. Then let Chris know and make sure you keep checking our newsletters to see if you made the grade.
Mwape Dlila Felio Sotomayor James Birks Matt Johnstone
Christine Wilde Sunell Lombard Abs Saleh Adam Ellison
Filip Zywica Adam Ismail John Aranda Colin Bigelow

Contactless technology – the digital wallet

Tired of carrying around a bulky wallet with cash, credit cards, Oyster card and that obligatory photo of your partner? What if everything you needed was on a wristband? Or, better still, on your phone? Ashley's been exploring the evolving world of contactless technology and these two options are closer than you may think.

Click here to see what you can swipe...

Björk, Biophilia, apps and the revolution

Björk is never one to do things by halves, and having been rather quiet of late we have been suspecting that something huge was in the making. Turns out that with her new album 'Biophilia', Björk is tackling the worlds of nature, science and technology. She has also taken the brave and interesting step of turning each song on the album into an interactive app instead of opting for the more traditional music video. She has even roped in David Attenborough and microscopic animator Drew Berry to make the campaign even more prestigious. They always said there was a fine line between genius and madness. Read on to find out more.

Album innovation or app overload?

Blog of the month - SHOWstudio.com

SHOWstudio is an award-winning fashion blog site that works closely with film bringing you right to the front row of the world's leading catwalks and fashion events.

Their collaboration list reads like a who's-who in the world of fashion, boasting names such as Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen.

With a beautiful design and expert team behind it, this blog is definitely worth checking out.

Get an up-close look the best fashion events in town

The CVs of the future ...now

With demand for jobs soaring, your CV needs to leap out from the crowd and demand attention more than ever. Welcome to the awesome world of online CVs. Leave the days of CV text documents behind you and create your multimedia resume today.

Join Creativepool's 'Creative CVs' group on vimeo and be sure to upload your new and improved CV.

Step into the future with these cutting edge CVs

Period drama

Perhaps it's because of all the hopeless men working in creative departments, but for some strange reason there's a clumsy awkwardness every time a brand attempts to launch a campaign for women's sanitary products. From skating dogs to test tubes, every execution stumbles and blushes its way to a coy compromise. But there is an exception, as Magnus Shaw discovers.

Learn how to advertise the taboo

Don't miss the best freelance news

With the number and quality of freelancers on Creativepool growing like crazy we realised we needed to give them their own online hangout.

'The Freelance Network' is a subgroup of our main LinkedIn group and it's the place you need to be for the latest freelance career discussions and industry news. You can also now follow us on our freelance-only Twitter account @cpfreelance. This is where you will discover the latest freelance briefs from Creativepool as well as freelancing tips, articles and more!

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Live design battles with 'Cut and Paste'

The Cut & Paste competition is a design competition like you've never seen before.

The tournament is a fast-paced live contest complete with DJs and the finest inebriating beverages. You can be front row for the tournament when it heads to London as part of it's world-wide tour to determine the world's best and speediest working designers in the fields of 2D, 3D and motion design.

Claim your place now at the design battleground

Masterpieces on display at the Design Museum

Creativepool went down to the Design Museum to check out a couple of exhibitions which really caught our eye.

The '2011 Designers in Residence exhibition' showcases some fantastic work from four great up and coming designers. Also on display is the 'Making Britain Modern' exhibiton highlighting the work of veteran British product designer Kenneth Grange. From London taxis to food mixers, Kenneth is responsible for the design of a huge amount cultural items.

Uncover the origin of our everyday objects

Paul Franklin - Heavenly

Paul Franklin is the Creative Director of branding agency, 'Heavenly'. With a team comprised of strategists, writers, designers, art directors and producers, they are able to offer a wide range of fantastic creative work.

Check out this exclusive inetrview for a truely expert insight into the world of branding.

How to offer a vast range of creative talents

Matt Johnstone - Line drawings collide with the surreal

This week, the Creativepool spotlight illuminates the draw-dropping work of Matt Johnstone. Matt's style is completely unique and has a fantastic level of attention to detail.

Discover Matt's journey from how he went from drawing cartoons at school, to becoming a successful freelance illustrator. As well as great advice on how you can break your way through into the industry.

Get the line drawing masterclass

Raking it in?

Have you discovered the most lucrative areas for your freelance work, or are you wishing you could bring in more cash? We want you to have your say on what you think the best and worst areas of freelancing are at the moment for making money.

Make your voice heard and see what the rest of our freelancing community has already advised.

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The real ‘buzz' marketing

The caffeine hit of a humble cup of tea or coffee just doesn't quite cut the mustard any more. Millions of us now seem to have left behind these disappointingly weak and antiquated beverages in favour of the ultra high caffeine punch provided by energy drinks.

But as the demand for this product seems to have completely exploded, the different drinks on the market seem to be frantically scurrying to find increasingly diverse marketing and branding styles to stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Learn how to stand out in a saturated market

5 things we like - Amazing free design web apps, nostalgic photography, music sharing and more!

Got some examples of sites that you can't do without? Something useful or just damn cool! Then send it through to Chris
Aviary Tools
This is an absolutely fantastic set of FREE online tools for you to use including image manipulators, audio editors and more.
Dear Photograph
A very original and powerful idea behind this site of bringing old photographs to their modern day locations.
Web Developer Bible
An invaluable app for all the coders and programmers out there.
Build your set of eight tracks and share it with this well-established online community of music fans.
Take your movie clips and give them a total makeover. vReveal removes camera jogging and sudden movement in your clips.