05 July 2011

The latest and greatest of the Creativepool freelancers

Following on from the last Creativepool newsletter, we are exhibiting the profiles of the best current freelancers on the site right here!.

Did your work make it into this space? Make sure your freelance profile is up to date and you have you very best work uploaded and check this space to see if you make it into our 'Latest and Greatest Freelancers'.

Want to see your profile here? Let Chris know
Kelly Jackson David Packe Lukasz Kitlinski Rory J Murphy
Kelly MacPhee The Hidden Robert Herzig Tim Marchant
Joao Nunes Silvia Bartoli Jenny Schenal Vanessa Wells

“Don't make it cute.” How Rob Janoff designed the Apple

Sometimes the toughest creative briefs are the ones that are wide open. They give you the most grief because you can do just about anything you want. When Rob Janoff was asked to design the logo for a company called Apple, he was given free reign to do pretty whatever he wanted. The only instruction he got from the client, a guy with long stringy hair named Steve Jobs, was - "Don't make it cute."

Discover the design behind the world's coolest fruit.

Channel 4 brings the arts to the streets

To coincide with Chennel 4's new programming this summer focusing on street culture, they are launching their 'Street Summer' art competition.

Your entry piece must focus on one of the five elements of street culture; street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art.

This contest carries a great prize; your work will be included on postcards and posters, be feautured in a short film and you will take home a very nice £300.

Take to the streets to win

Online Media Awards 2011

On June 23rd 2011 The Online Media Awards honoured those in the online world with an emphasis on online journalism. The event saw entries submitted from some major websites including The Guardian, The BBC and The Telegraph.

From best investigative journalism to best Twitter page, see who the big winners were at this year's awards.

Discover this year's champions of cyber-space

Centre of the Universe?

Would you rather work in a run-down, archaic and quite ugly building or a purpose-built, brand new, ultra modern centre with spectacular views? Obvious, right? But what if the ancient structure was in London and the new creation in Greater Manchester? This is the 'dilemma' facing many BBC staff as they ponder their fate and the prospect of life in the frozen north. However, Magnus Shaw has little sympathy and claims they are merely victims of their own geographic snobbery.

Should it stay or should it go?

Beauty is in the eye of the debater?

In our last Quora poll we asked what the greatest ever animated series was and got a fantastic response from you.

This week we are delving into the worlds of aesthetics and technology and posing you with the question 'Can technology be beatiful?' What is your take on technology and beauty? Make your you make your voice heard here.

Modern day beauties or metalic monstrosities?

Strawberry Trees Forever

So you're walking through town and you need to make a phone call or send an email. Trouble is, you've spent way too long on Facebook that day already and your battery is perilously low. Your charger's at home, a public phone box simply won't do (all your contacts are in your phone's address book, for a start) and there isn't an Apple store nearby where you can go and surreptitiously use your webmail. What to do? Well, thanks to the ingenious invention of a student from the University of Belgrade, there may soon be an answer.

Find out how Strawberry Trees could provide the juice your mobile device so desperately needs by clicking here...

We Three Club - Reviving psychadelia and banishing celery

There is only one word to describe the work of this week's Spotlight; COOL. 'We Are Three' are a husband and wife design partnership specialising in poster and graphic design. They describe their work as "colourful bold expression" from a collection of influences including "psychedelic art, 80s skate graphics, Chicago Folk art" and "dirty hand drawn text"

As well as being able to take a peek at some of their awesome work they also give some great freelancing tips so make sure you give this Spotlight a read.

Learn the art of modern psychadelia here

E4's E Stings – get your work on the telly box

Hooray for E4. Not only do they supply us with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ‘Friends' (which always seems to conveniently tie in with tea breaks and dinner time), they also support independent short film makers with their rather revolutionary love for E Stings.

Each year, E4 holds a competition which film and animation makers countrywide enter. The winner gets £2500 and the runner up gets £500, E4 also then chooses a further 25 E Stings to run on the channel throughout the year.

Switch on to this great competition

The Great Kindle Swindle

What would you get if an iPhone and a calculator got drunk and slept together? None other than the hideously deformed offspring known as the Amazon Kindle.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this creation, it's a hybrid of a phone-ish, tablet-ish type thing that essentially acts as a book. You pay about one maybe two pence for a-time and your kindle becomes that book. Awesome right?

Literary savior or digital flop?

Blair thomson - Believe in

'Believe in' is an independent design and branding agency established in 1996. We caught up with the company's Creative Director Blair Thomson to discover how he got started in the industry, what his favourite work is and much more.

From Puma's eco box/bag to the usefulness of telepathy, get Blair's expert industry insight in this exclusive interview with Creativepool.

Become a branding pro here

Creatives meet creatives on meetup

This is your last chance to sign up for the first Creative meetup planned for 14th July 2011. Join Creativepool on Meetup for all the event details!

We've also just switched our Network on Linked to an open group. This makes it easier to find and join in the latest discussions on the creative industries and recieve job alerts.

Make your essential connections through Meetup

Get LinkedIn easier than ever

5 things we like - Mind-bending CSS, some great apps and the World Design Capital

Got some examples of sites that you can't do without? Something useful or just damn cool! Then send it through to Chris and we might include them here!
CSS Warp
Instantly generate HTML code for text on any curve you design.
Powered By String
An app that really does jump right off the page.
World Design Capital 2011
The World Design Capital is jam-packed full of some of the best design events.
Mr Doob Harmony Project
A drawing tool done in HTML5 for that ultra modern style.
Live group photo sharing for events.