19 July 2011

Our top 5 tweets of the month

What got your eyes starring and your finger typing this month on the Creativepool twitter page?

Check out our top five tweets from last week below to see if the tweet that got your attention caused a retweeting frenzy.

'Top 10 Stop Motion Videos on YouTube' Cool vids here, the first one is like stop motion on stop motion
"Robots of Brixton"...Holy moly!..this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while, awesome work!
Two great new YouTube videos from Creativepool members uploaded to our channel, Check them out here http://ow.ly/5zBZW http://ow.ly/5zC0O
"Google+ has arrived" Check out this article on the new social media platform about to be released
Five minutes with Clare Dobbie Marketing Director at ASOS, Creativepool Interview

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The latest and greatest of the Creativepool freelancers

Once again we are exhibiting the profiles of the best current freelancers on the site right here!

Did your work make it into this space? Make sure your freelance profile is up to date and you have you very best work uploaded and check this space to see if you make it into our 'Latest and Greatest Freelancers'.

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Arunas Kacinskas George Pantazi Michael Selvadurai James Kirkwood
Angel Zamora Borrego Carina Stuart Secretly Swedish Justina Bailey
Jan Lennon Scott Neilson Chris Baron Damilola Odusote

5 minutes with Clare Dobbie – Marketing Director at ASOS

Meet Clare Dobbie, marketing manager of ASOS, the nation's favourite online fashion portal. In this interview we uncover how Clare is steering ASOS to international success and why she thinks the company has managed to thrive during the recession. In terms of instant gratification for fashionistas, ASOS reigns on high and Clare is an instrumental member of their highly creative, young, dynamic and mult-national team. Read on for the full interview.

Get behind the scenes of the fashion industry


Win €3,000 in the 11th International Design Contest

The Andreu World International Design Contest sets the trends in the world of furniture design.

Running since 2000, the contest is now in it's 11th year and is accepting submissions for this years contest.

If you have a trend-setting table or chair design then submit it to the Andreu World Conest for your chance to win €3,000!

Become a trendsetter


Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam

If there's one thing Ashley hates, it's spam. But not just any spam. Spam that is written by people who either use Google Translate for their missives, or just grab a thesaurus and lump random words together. But why is it even called 'spam' anyway?

To find out what the jibber is behind the jabber, read Ashley's blog here...


Roar deal. Why the Brits failed at the Lions.

Us Brits, eh? We're the tops at this advertising game, aren't we? Yup, the envy of the world. No-one to touch us.

Well, just wait a second there. Once upon a time, we could hold our heads high and revel in the glory of our talents. But at the Cannes Advertising Awards last month we fell very flat indeed. Not a single, solitary gold. So what's happened? Where are we going wrong? Magnus Shaw thinks he may just have the answer.

Learn how to take home the gold here


Win £500 at our LDF Treasure Hunt

Take in the sights of the London Design Festival whilst competing for £500. What's more, your ticket to this event is FREE!

Teams must be at least two people and the event will be taking place on Friday 23rd september at 1.00pm.

So make sure you don't miss out on this great event and register you place below.

The hunt begins here

Brendon O'Reilly

This week's spotlight shines it's light on the work on a veteran in the advertising industry. Creativepool member, Brendon O'Reilly, has worked on print based ads for some major brand names including Smirnoff, Toffee Crisp, Heineken, Polo and KitKat to name just a few.

Discover how Brendon got into the industry as well as his great tips for those starting out in advertising.

Discover how to grab the big name clients


Will Google+ live up to the buzz?

The hype is already starting to form around Google+. It is all to easy, however, to get carried away with a social media site prior to its launch or just after it has been released. There is a long list of sites that have promised to be the new Facebook only to somehow fall far short of their expectations.

Will you become Google's 'plus one'?


Blog of The Month - Better Living Through Design

'Better Living Through Design' is a great site that scours the far reaches of the web to bring you the coolest pieces of design for your viewing pleasure.

The website boasts that it was even 'selected as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencers'.

Discover the hidden gems of design here


The power of dreams

When you're under pressure, it's tempting to work more, rest less… cranking away until you get that great idea. Grind it out. Stay focused. Be tough. Sleep when you're dead. Wrong.

Sleep is the most valuable time for creative people. It's the time our brains really go to work. It's when we're most likely to crack a problem. Many great ideas have resulted from a good nights sleep. Hey, even the guy who invented the post-it-note came up with it while daydreaming.

Learn how to get your creative juices flowing


Flashy fads or leading the way?

In the last Creativepool Poll we asked you 'Do you think there will always be a place for non-digital cameras in professional photography?'. Over twice as many of you had faith in film and believed that non-digital will survive.

This week we are posing the question to all you webby types out there 'How vital is it to keep up to date with the latest technologies in web design and development?'

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Steven Walls - Tomorrow People

Steven Walls, Creative Director of Tomorrow People, has over ten years of experience leading his digital and marketing agency.

From breaking into the agency work to understanding how to truly deliver the best results on your client's briefs, check out our interview with Steven for a real insight into the world of digital agencies.

Become King of the Brief here


5 things we like - A drawing tool, interior design software, video embedding and more!

Got some examples of sites that you can't do without? Something useful or just damn cool! Then send it through to Chris and we might include them here!
Keep track of all your work accross all your machines.
Need to get that sketch down in a hurry? Check out this site.
Camen Design
Make your clips look professional and modern with this HTML5 embedding.
A great site for all the interior designers out there.
Fed up of having to fire up Notepad each time you want to clean up your code? Take a look at Wordoff.