11 October 2011


'Creatives meet Creatives' returns!

The Creativepool 'MeetUp' group has now established itself on a series of fantastic creative networking evenings. Don't miss our next event taking place this Thursday! Whether you're a freelaner or candidate, this networking event is a sure-fire way to make the creative contacts you need.

Network your way into the creative community


2011 Design Event Festival

The 2011 Design Event Festival is a beacon of design talent emitting from northern England. With the festival running from the 14th - 18th October, there is a huge range of events to see.

Find out which exhibition event you have to see.


Max Polak

Max Polak, a.k.a. 'The Vortik', has a rich design background. From starting as a graffiti writer before moving into fashion and then working as a branding designer for some amazing brands, Max Now runs his own studio. Check out our spotlight interview with this Creativepool member to see his awesome work and get the insight into this varied career route through the creative industries.

Discover the areas of expertise that build this studio


Mark Anderson - We Love...

'We Love...' is a digital creative agency based in the heart of Kent. With an impressive client list boasting names such as 'MTV DJ Hero 2' and Sony Ericsson, our interview with Creative Director and Founder Mark Anderson is an invaluable insight into the running of a great agency. Also, their haunted manor themed website is well worth a look!

Enter the doors to the manor


Analogue vs digital

In the last instalment of our deathmatch poll series, we asked who you thought would win in a showdown between a 2D and a 3D artist. With 64% of the votes against 34%, the 3D artists made it out alive. This week we are posing the question, who would win when an analogue and a digital photographer lock horns.

Decide who survives


Take your camera to the streets for £2,000

The International Street Photography Award showcases the best portraiture, documentary and art photography street snaps from around the world! The 2011 awards alone drew in submissions from over 1,600 photographers. The time to get your work in for the 2012 awards is now, and with the international winner recieving £2,000 cash as well as a solo exhibition in London, this competition is a must.

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This week's pick of the very best CP freelance talent

The best current freelancers on the site are right here! Click an image to view their profile.

Did your work make it into this space? No?

If you'd like to get your work in front of over 60,000 readers of the CP newsletter then make sure your profile is up to date and displaying your best work. Then let Chris know and make sure you keep checking our newsletters to see if you made the grade.
Steve Jenkinson caspar wijngaard Romina Trabazos Kathryn Corlett
Iain Cox Chantal El-Bikai James Wilson Claire Shields
adam bletchly Shelly Perkins Katerina Prokopova Luc Lacey


Vinnie Chieco. The freelance copywriter who named the iPod

How do you go about naming a product? Do you describe what it does, the benefits it brings, or just find something whacky that sticks in the memory?

Maybe you change the spelling, give it some weird typography or perhaps as a last resort you dig out your old Latin dictionary?

When freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco was called into Apple 10 years ago to name a new MP3 player, he found his answer in Stanley Kubrick's 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Discover Apple's sci-fi inspiration


V&A Illustration Awards

This week, Ashley takes a look at the V&A Illustration Awards 2011. Particularly impressive was the work by Olivier Kugler, the overall winner, with his superb illustrations inspired by a four-day trip across Iran.

CThe exhibition is still running at the V&A, but you can also click here to draw your own conclusions...


Postmodernism at the V&A

Postmodernism. A confusing term in the art world which has provoked many a debate about it's true definition. I can't say I have ever quite understood. Luckily the V&A have just launched an impressive new exhibition outlining all that was postmodern from the 1970's to the 1990's. From the Hacineda to Las Vegas, Postmodernism encompasses a lot more than Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons artworks. Read on for the full low down on this exciting show and my own personal postmodern enlightenment.

Take the guided tour to this great exhibition


Showreel of the week - Matt Moring

Last newsletter we showed you the work of visual effects artist Miles Bellas. This week, we are highlighting the art direction, motion graphics and 3D showreel of Creativepool member Matt Moring. Covering a huge range of clients and techniques, this os definitely a pace-setter for creative showreels.

Check out this amazing work in our vimeo group



Politicians. Do they really need to get enmeshed in the sticky, tricky business of brand building? Well, if they wish to be elected any time soon, they surely do. And this is particularly true of Labour leader Ed Miliband. So, as he faces his party conference, Magnus Shaw measures his success and the challenges he faces as he attempts to reconstruct Labour's image - and his own.

The toughest branding brief of them all?


The top ten USB toys

The USB ports in our computers have facilitated a wide range of different product and marketing opportunities.The true purpose and potential for these ports, though, has of course been found in the range of largely useless, yet somehow alluring, toys and gadgets. Check out this list of the best of these time-wasting but above all brilliant devices.

See what workspace gadgets you can't live without

5 things we like - photography apps, the blog importing site, an artists marketplace and more!

Got some examples of sites that you can't do without? Something useful or just damn cool! Then send it through to Chris


Draw a stick man
'Draw a custom stickman and watch him come to life'.
Enter a World of Digital Art Without Barriers..
Spoon Graphics Blog
One of the most popular graphics blogs on the web today.
Army of Trolls
An amazing pixel art based portfolio site.

You Are Beautiful
A fantastic portfolio site full of graphic design and illustration treats.