05 April 2012


Mike's away this week so it's up to me to let you know what's been going on.

Despite many of us, especially those in London, dreading the Olympics bringing transport to a standstill, the V&A Museum has taken the opportuntiy to showcase a feast of British design. The aptly named, British Design 1948-2012 is a collection of the most iconic designs Britain has created since the last Olympics were held in London. The museum is jam-packed with designs of all kinds from fashion to gaming, illustration and artwork to manufacturing.

Groupon caught our attention this week with their imaginative copywriting. If you're yet to read through the deal descriptions that undoubtedly land in your inbox daily, then you're missing out! Most exciting was the response we received from one of the copywriting team, we didn't find the answer to our initial question but we did find out about brain burps and dad rotations - it was a great response!

Owen Bailey
Online Marketing Executive, Creativepool


Don't be worthy. Don't be dull. Your folio is you.

Tony Cullingham is a guy you made not have heard of but seems a real hidden gem. He runs the Watford Creative Advertising course and while sniffing around his website we came upon this great piece that he'd written and thought we'd share it with you.

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Valerie Black

Valerie is an illustrator and character designer originally from Sofia in Bulgaria. Her inspiration and fascination with mythology, magic and creatures really shows in her work, whilst she still manages to capture an innocence in her characters. In this interview she tells us all about Tim Burton, her ultimate companion and horses.

Mythology, magic and creatures...


Is Groupon's copywriter on acid?

In these thrifty times voucher websites have witnessed a boom in their popularity, none more so than Groupon who deliver an ever increasing number of daily deals to millions of inboxes every morning. But this isn't about the merits of vouchers and discount clubs, this is about the group of copywriters who brainstorm at Groupon to come up with some of the strangest pieces of prose advertising the most banal of offers. Those who already subscribe to Groupon will know exactly what I mean and the rest of you will be signing up before you know it, just to get your daily dose of copywriting genius. Read on to find out more...

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Cannes Lions 2012

The Cannes Lions festival kicks off in June this year, and deadline day is looming. If you're entering you will surely know that tomorrow is the final day to have entries submitted. The Cannes Lions Awards have been running for almost 60 years and are recognised as being the place of excellence in creative communications. There are a range of categories within the brackets of product & service, internet film, and other film. This is your chance to showcase your work at an international level!

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Blow your house down - is the new Guardian campaign as clever as it seems?

Without doubt, The Guardian is at the vanguard of left-leaning, liberal journalism in the UK - and has been for many years. However, from time-to-time it feels the need to soil its hands with some free-market advertising. So here comes a new TV spot from BBH - but does it capture the intellectual flair of the paper or is it just a sheep in pig's clothing? Magnus Shaw wonders.

Huff and puff...


Graham Wall - The Marketing Store

The Marketing Store's Executive Creative Director talks to Creativepool about his experience entering an agency for the first time, how teleportation will change the world, and his excitement at McDonald's Monopoly.

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British Design 1948-2012

As you all know, preparations are well underway for the Olympics. So it seems fitting that the V&A Museum has packed itself full of the best British designs since the UK last played host to the Olympics back in 1984. The museum is displaying some of the most iconic pieces in fashion, manufacturing, technology and more.

See the best of British!

Motion Graphics

Jay Slater

We all enjoyed watching this showreel by Creativepool member, Jay Slater...and we thought that you should see it too! His skills in 3D animation and motion graphics are showcased in a mix of settings and uses, but he keeps hold of a distinct style. If you want to get you're work on here email Owen.

Check out Jay in motion...


8 great books for copywriters.

As more and more people fancy their chance as a copywriter, publishers are getting in on the act and printing an increasing amount of books on the subject. The question is, are they any good? John has collected a number of books on copywriting over the years and here are some of his personal favourites.

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Wooster Collective

We came across this blog which piles together art and photography and drops it in a street setting. From a phone box transformed in to a confessional, to an urdan hactivist to a giant red ball! Real talent on an urban canvas; this blog is not to be missed.

Take to the streets...


This week's top LinkedIn discussions

Our Linkedin groups have been getting a lot of interest of late. We have three groups, the main Creativepool Network is for everyone working in the creative industries, we also have a Creative Director only group and one especially for freelancers.

On the main group Members have been letting loose about having their work copied: Have you ever had your work copied? Been a victim of plagiarism? Have a good moan about it..."kick up a fuss"!

The Creative Network pick for this week is Promote yourself! Tell us all about you and what you do!

On the freelance network Which patch of grass is greener... Freelance or Perm?

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Things we like...

Draw Something
This frustratingly addictive online game, similar to pictionary has had us all hooked! Play it on Facebook, as well as on Android and iPhone, so there's never an excuse to miss your turn.

Strictly No Photography
Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them.

The Vintage Cake Spot
You've heard of vintage clothing, now there's vintage baking! Freelance writer Jessica Simmons and cake-spot photographer Camilla Blackie scour vintage cook-books, magazines and archives in search of the best and most well-loved cake recipes from the last century.

Infographics Archive
A library of infographics for every situation. Everyone loves an infographic, pick one up here and safe yourself the trouble of explaining things.

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