23 February 2012

Spring is almost sprung, and one of the first to mark its arrival, the British Library hosting its very first Spring Fair, a long weekend of activities and events it's putting on especially for the creative sector. There's loads going on for designers and typographers, illustrators and makers of all stripes. The library is keen to get creatives making the most of the free business advice it offers which can't be a bad thing. On top of this the library has also been kind enough to offer us tickets for E-motional Type, a 'pecha-lecture' event chaired by Adrian Shaughnessy and featuring renowned designers Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft.

For the chance to win a pair of tickets, just email your answer to the following question on this page.

Neville Brody, is due to take over the Presidency of D&AD as it enters its 50th year in the autumn. As part of the anniversary celebrations, D&AD is awarding its first ever White Pencil, for a creative idea that helps raise awareness of a global issue (in this case, World Peace Day). Winning it could be the single greatest accolade in a creative's career, and entry is open to anyone, so if you want a shot at it, you better find out exactly what you need to do.

Michael Tomes
Managing Director, Creativepool


First meetup of 2012

It's taken us a while to get back into the swing of the meetups this year but we can now announce that the first one will take place on the 1st of March at our old haunt at Clerkenwell House.

This meetup is a chance for you to come along, have a couple of quiets and chat with other creatives, moan about clients, find collaborators, make friends...

And of course to oil proceedings we will put on a few drinks.

Come drink with us


How to sell football boots. Nike's top four telly ads

What makes one footy boot better than another? Forget about weight, design or ability to curve a ball like a banana, because any amateur footballer will tell you it's all about the logo on the side of the boot. So how Nike, the Champions of sports footwear, ensure their brand remains head and shoulders above the rest? Easy, they create spectacular ads like these.

Sit back and marvel and the world's best


Underwater dogs

If you have been paying attention to Facebook this week you might have noticed the 20,000 shares and the 29,000 'likes' that Seth Casteel's photographs of dogs underwater has created. This is a truly enlightening look into what happens to our canine friends once they are submerged, bigger breeds are almost shark-like in their power and ferocity whereas smaller and cuter pooches look shocked and alien-like.

Even if you are not such a big dog fan yourself you can still appreciate the time, patience and skill it must have taken to capture these images so sharply. Click on the link for the full series of pictures...

Go diving with the dogs


Meet Nick Asbury. Award wining copywriter.

Nick is one of today's hottest and most awarded copywriters. Here in an exclusive interview with Creativepool, he explains how he started out, how he deals with client amends and what he has learnt about copywriting while sitting on award juries.

Spend a few minutes with Nick


D&AD's White Pencil Award

To mark its fiftieth anniversary, in addition to its regular awards, D&AD is dishing out its very first White Pencil. The brief is simple, to help grow awareness of 21 September as World Peace Day, a United Nations sanctioned date of ceasefire and non-violence.

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Five minutes with… Sophie Moore

Flock's creative partner talks about the excitement of starting work on a new client brief, washing up and the wearing of leopard print in the studio.

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Where's the love? Have we had enough of sex in advertising?

It was Valentine's Day last week. A time of great joy for the greeting card industry and deep misery for singletons. But what does it mean for the advertising business? If current campaigns are anything to go by, a complete lack of romance. Magnus Shaw explains.

Get sentimental with Magnus


This week's top LinkedIn discussion

Our Linkedin groups have been getting a lot of interest of late. We have three groups, the main Creativepool Network is for everyone working in the creative industries, we also have a Creative Director only group and one especially for freelancers.

On the main group Illustrator Amy Evans has posed a thought-provoking question: what's the best way to represent your portfolio online? Those responding discuss the pros and cons of having someone else host your work and building your own site from scratch.

The Creative Network pick for this week "Is leaving agency land to go “in house” the pipe and slipper stage of your creative career? or can you still do truly great work as a in-house CD? click here to have your say

On the freelance network Tony asks - Is it really essential to have an amazing portfolio of photos when trying to get representation from a London agency or will a competent collection be just as acceptable? click to help Tony out.

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This week's pick of freelance talent on CP

Elliott Holman Colette Alexandratos Barbara Marcantonio keri newman Chris Baron Natalie Clay
Emma Tracey Renato Lopes Lewis Ashenden Stephen West Riccardo Rizzo Claire Fowler

The best current freelancers on the site are right here! Click an image to view their profile. Did your work make it into this space? No?

If you'd like to get your work in front of over 60,000 readers of the CP newsletter then make sure your profile is up to date and displaying your best work. Then let Chris know and make sure you keep checking our newsletters to see if you made the grade.

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5 things we like...

What Designers Look Like
Graphic Designer Alix Land started this Tumblr as she felt that although you can perhaps recognize individual designers by their work, you're less likely to be able to put a face to the name. Fancy adding your photo to this rogues' gallery?

The 100 Best Typefaces of All Time
Fontshop, Europe's leading type foundry and font library, recently compiled its list of the 100 greatest fonts of all time. And here they are. No prizes for guessing who made it to number one. (Hint: It wasn't Comic Sans.)

TED Quotes
Launched on Valentine's day, this new site from TED Talks does pretty much what it says on the tin. Insightful quotes from some of the world's most interesting people.

For those not in the know, Frame are the publishers of seminal interiors and architecture magazines Frame and Mark, and Elephant, the sublime visual culture magazine. Their titles now all sit in one place on the web.

LEGO Digital Designer
Get busy with the famous bricks from the comfort of your own desk. Create your own dream sets, or simply make your mates into LEGO people

Got some examples of sites that you can't do without? Something useful, innovative or just damn cool!

Then send it through to Chris