About me

I'm passionate web designer with developer past. I'm learning all the time. If I'm not designing I'm drawing and screen printing or walking around and taking pictures.

I have experience in graphic and editorial design, what combined with my developments knowledge helps in managing web projects, being the missing link between designers and developers.

I pay attention to detail. Working on the website I think not only about information architecture, but also about the layout and typography and how it will change on various devices - I call it Layout choreography.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the user journey. In the end the user is final client, the real consumer of the website. Here quite helpful is my former education in social science and interest in cognitive science. I am trying to apply knowledge from various fields to create functional design. Because web design is not only about the layout is also about relations between text, images and hierarchy of content.


Usability, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development

Sector Experience

Creative Services, Design, Digital (SEO, PPC, SEM...), Graphic Design, Research & Development

Top 25 Frontend Web Developer Top 25 User Experience (UX) Designer Project featured:Photographs of Justyna Medoń & MYS project
on 18th February 2015
Project featured:Addicted to patterns / artworks
on 18th February 2016
Project featured:Pattern world
on 30th August 2016
Project featured:Website Development for SBW Advertising
on 2nd September 2016
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Middleweight, Senior
English and Spanish
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