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#TechTuesday: Yahoo name change, empathetic AR, soft robots and high tech breast pumps

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Note that if you want to hear our thoughts regarding this year's Consumer Electronics Show, you can check out our Top 10 Stories from the show and our examination of the Top Trends revealed at the event.


The Empathy Bridge uses AR and sweets to help users understand autism


A new AR kit from Royal College of Art graduate Heeju Kim uses sweets to recreate the experience of living with autism. Kim created three tools and a mobile application as part of the project, which is titled “An


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What we've learned from Clinton's digital presidential campaign

Back in 2008 when Obama first ran for president, the iPhone was only a year old and Facebook wasn’t yet the world’s largest social network. Obama’s digital strategy was savvy and helped to mobilise voters who were already actively...

Posted by: Kate Lewin


Airbus planning to test Flying Cars by the end of 2017

In a move that will delight anyone who has ever seen Back to the Future 2 or The Fifth Element, Airbus is reportedly planning to test self-piloted personal aircraft by the end of the year, primarily as a means of reducing traffic on inner-city roads....

Posted by: Industry Updates
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