#TechTuesday: Apple Cars, The Burger King Fiasco, Condom Chat Bots, Ridley Scott's VR Studio and other stories

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The Great Burger King Fiasco

A Burger King TV spot created to activate Google Home smart speakers and some Android phones to describe its Whopper burgers was hijacked by members of the public recently, with the ad instead triggering the devices to read out information about the burgers from Wikipedia. One enterprising troll, however, took it upon themselves to take advantage of this oversight, and edited Wikipedia to describe the Whopper as the "worst hamburger product" and another add cyanide to the list of ingredients. The stunt has put Wikipedia in the spotlight after


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That Google Memo: The sacking, the fallout and everything else

Last weekend, an internal memo from a Google software engineer with an incendiary title and even more incendiary content, went viral. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the employee who birthed the memo had been fired. The real question on everyone's...

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Waste Away: Eco answers to the throwaway crisis

Our first problem; The Earth’s population will reach almost 10 billion by 2050 and, if that prediction proves true, it means that we’ll need to double the amount of crops grown in order to feed the mouths of the many. Astonishingly, we...

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