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How do you advertise an advertising competition ?

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A weekly roundup of the most important news from the advertising awards world


After awarding amazing websites and digital experiences all year long, FWA now offers the public to select its favorite.

You can vote for the FWA People Choice Awards at

FWA’s visitors choose the PCA winner by participating in a public vote with each visitor able to cast a single vote. The 12 finalists are the 12 FWA’s of the Month (FOTM) for the given year. The FOTM with the highest number of votes after a 10 day period of voting is declared the People’s Choice for the given year.



This time of the year also marks the vote for the Annual Awards of Awwwards.

The public is invited to vote at for

  • the site of the year
  • the developer of the year
  • the experimental/innovative site of the year
  • the agency of the year
  • the independent/freelance of the year
  • the e-commerce site of the year


And also


Story of the Week: ANDY Awards

To promote their 2017 competition the ANDY Awards have launched an ad campaign created by Deutsch North America and produced by SuperFiction in South Korea. The “Save The Ideas” campaign animated four members of the 2017 jury in humorous PSA’s urging creatives around the world to send them their work.

Some other awards competitions go as far as creating fictional characters to create a narrative. This year, El Ojo de Iberoamerica brought back its character and got her to drop F-bombs in the name of Latin unity.

Humor is definitely an easy way to gain attention in the awards competition cottage industry. Especially if you make fun of the process itself. Kudos to the 2017 campaign for the North American Effies by Walrus.

My favorite piece this year for this specific type of work goes to the FIBRA Awards of Romania. Their “Droga vs Bogusky” campaign speaks directly to the ultra-niche audience of advertising nerds.


Quote of the Week

Before you create that podcast in 2017, ask yourself: am i interesting enough? do I need a fake NPR voice? does it need to be an hour long?

 - Najma Sharif on Twitter



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