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How do I create a project / upload work?
Connections and Follows.
Why can I no longer connect to members?
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How do I see who’s viewed my profile?
How do I manage emails and subscriptions?
What is Go Pro?


What are Pools?
What is Madeit?
Why must I verify a Madeit request?
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How do I delete my account?

Recruiting and Job Hunting

How do I search for jobs?
How do I post a job?
What happens after posting a job?
How do I edit a live job?

Creating a profile.

Sign up to Creativepool couldn't be easier - we just need a few pieces of basic information to get your profile up and running. Once you've entered your basic information you can start uploading your images and videos and linking to all of the collaborators involved in each project.

I haven't received a confirmation email.

In some cases your confirmation might appear in your Junk Folder. If you've checked here and still can't see an email from Creativepool, try resending by logging into your profile and resend using the pop-up on the top left. If you're still having problems, get in touch with us.

How do I create a project / upload work?

It’s really quick and easy to upload your projects.
Login to your account and select Manage Projects / Company Projects from your profile dropdown.
Choose to create a new project, or you can edit your older projects. Give your project a Title, Date, Description, and Tags.
You can also connect to all of the people and companies that collaborated with you on the project by entering their detais on the right hand side. If they're on Creativepool, they'll pop up when you start to type. If not you can send them an email notification that they have been linked to a project.

Connections and Follows.

Connections and Follows allow you to interact with the people and companies you know and love. When you Follow a person or company you will see their updates in your Home Page.
As an individual you can connect to other members on Creativepool and Follow companies. As a company you can connect to both companies and individuals.
Connecting to a company or individual allows you to message that member through Creativepool.
To unfollow a member or company, simply click the ‘Following’ button.

Why can I no longer connect to members?

Depending on the type of membership you have, your connections may be limited. A standard account includes 100 connection credits.

A connection credit is used when:

  • You accept a connection request from a member or company.
  • Another member or company accepts a connection request you send to them.
  • You follow a member or company (or they follow you), and you (or they) reciprocate – this then becomes a connection.

Connection credits are NOT used when:
  • You are linked to another member or company through a project you both share.

To benefit from unlimited connections, upgrade for just £19.99 per year.

How do I get my work featured?

The People and Company pages are made up of popular projects, and projects that are favourited by our Marketing Team.
If you'd like to see your work featured on these pages or in our email communication, contact the team with a link to your profile or project.

How do I see who’s viewed my profile?

Standard members can see the number of views their profile has received. This shows on your profile and can also be found in the Manage my Stats section.
Members that upgrade to a Pro Account are given access to the members that viewed their profile. A great way of keeping an eye out for potential leads or new contacts.
Go Pro now!

Why Go Pro?

Creativepool members can upgrade their account at any time for only £19.99 per year.
When you choose to become a Pro member you will receive a host of benefits and extensions to the standard Creativepool member account.
Pro members benefit from:

  • An additional 200 contacts (making 300).
  • Priority in search results.
  • See who viewed your profile.
  • Priority access to Creativepool Events.
  • Get a free submission to the Creativepool Annual.

There are a number of ugrade options available to companies.

What are Pools?

Pools are a brand new feature that allows members to control their interactions on Creativepool. Interact with people, companies, and uploaded work.

Inspiration Pool

Pool together the inspiring projects and uploads you find as you explore Creativepool. At the bottom of each project you can Likeit or Poolit. Clicking Poolit and selecting an image or video from the project will add it to your Inspiration Pools. You can return here anytime to get a burst of inspiration!

Connection Pool

When you Connect to another member on Creativepool, they will be listed in your Connection Pool. It is from the COnnection Pool that you manage your connections, see suggested connections and find requests to connect.

Follow Pool

When you Follow a person or company they will be added to your Follow Pool. The Follow Pool allows you to manage who you are following, and manage the updates that appear on your Home Feed.

What is Madeit?

At Creativepool we believe in collaboration. We know that there are many people that go into creating a successul ad, shooting a great documentary, pulling off a ground-breaking campaign, and taking a new product to market. That's why we believe that everyone should be given the credit for the work they carried out.
When you spot a project that you were involved in, simply click Madeit and state how you were involved. The details will be sent to the person or company that uploaded the project, where they will validate your role in the project.
Be sure to follow your colleagues and companies you've worked with so taht you can click Madeit on all projects you were involved in.

Manage Madeit Requests

If you upload a project and another member has collaborated on it with you, they may send you a Madeit notification. You will need to validate the request for the project to appear on their profile. To manage your Madeit reguests visit Madeit in your Pools.

Why must I verify a Madeit request?

Verifying your a Madeit request will post the project onto your profile on Creativepool. This will also link back to your friends profile and anyone else involved. Cool huh!
To reduce the number of Madeit requests you receive, you should tag all of the collaborators involved when you upload a project. To do this you can search for people and companies that are members of Creativepool, or add their email address to send a request.

How do I upload news?

You must be logged in as a company to post news to your profile feed.
By hovering over the Magazine tab you can select ‘Post news’ which takes you to an article submission form. After completing all required fields and saving, your post will be uploaded to your profile. Creativepool’s editorial team monitor uploaded news and the most popular and interesting are published in the Creativepool Magazine.
To remove news or articles please contact the marketing team.

How do I manage emails and subscriptions?

You must first login to manage your email and subscription settings. Select Contact and privacy settings from your profile menu, and simply check or un-check which newsletters, emails, and other communications you would like to receive from Creativepool.

How do I delete my account?

To Leave Creativepool entirely visit your Contact and privacy settings page.

How do I search for jobs?

Creativepool is jam-packed with exciting roles from top agencies and brands to boutiques and SMEs. We have something to cater to anyone hunting for their next challenge. You can tackle your job hunt in a number of ways:

  1. Search Jobs
    Search current roles and contact the brands and agencies directly. Apply to relevant roles that take your eye. The search box can be used to find job titles, locations, specialisms or companies.
  2. Browse Jobs
    The Jobs tab at the top of every page will take you to a list of recent and Hot Jobs. The browse buttons at the top right can be used to modify your search results.Use the Brows by buttons to change the view.
  3. Matching Jobs
    Let Creativepool do the hard work. Visit your Matching Jobs section, where you will find a list of . The Jobs tab at the top of every page will take you to a list of recent and Hot Jobs. The browse buttons at the top right can be used to modify your search results.Use the Brows by buttons to change the view.
  4. Company profiles
    When you view a company profile, any vacancies will be shown. Be sure to Follow your favourite companies to stay up to date on who’s recruiting.
  5. Job alerts
    Set up customised job alerts by visiting the Alerts section of your profile. By selecting your criteria and frequency you’ll receive all the latest relevant vacancies straight to your inbox.

How do I post a job?

Posting a job is simple with Creativepool.
Log in to your company profile and go to the Jobs section. To post a job you'll need some job credits. Why not add credits to your account now.
When your account is stocked up you can begin posting your jobs. Just click Post a Job and begin filling in the details.
You can post a job online by purchasing individual job credits, signing up to one of our great packages.

What happens after posting a job?

When you are happy with your job, and have posted the role, it will move into our Pending Jobs section, where it will be given a 'health check' by a specialist on our team, who will review the location tagging, keywords etc. This is an additional service that is completely free.

How do I edit a live job?

If you wish to make changes to a job that you are advertising, visit your Live Jobs. You can make edits and amends to any of the jobs showing in this section.