About me

Working as a freelance is for me the best opportunity to work on very different projects, keep learning a lot about different technologies, languages and tools : few months working on a search engine in natural language ; the next one, on web components based on HTML5 ; the next ones, on a full solution for easy prototyping on a Raspberry Pi ; the next one on a speak recognition engine ; the next one, on a simple Wordpress theme ; the next ones, on a big project of projection mapping in real time with Kinect ; the next one, on a mobile app ; and so on. I cannot imagine a conventional career, I love technical challenges and I need to learn a lot of new things on each project I work on. Feel free to contact me, I'll be glad if I can be part of your project.

Sector Experience

Computing (Software), Interactive, New Media

7th ranked Software Engineer18th ranked Multimedia Developer
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Strasbourg (67), France
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Junior, Middleweight
French, English, (Spanish)
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