Creativepool Spotlight



Creativepool Spotlight

The Creativepool Spotlight is a showcase for some of the most talented members of Creativepool. 

If you would like to shine in the Creativepool Spotlight, email through some examples of your work


In the spotlight...

Mariana Guerci

"I've worked for Converse, Samsung and Disney Asia."

"The most important thing is that I never know enough, and I have to keep learning all the time. Illustration and design are such vast disciplines, and you have to know how to adapt your style, because that way you'll get to work for very different projects and push the boundaries of your work."

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Jandira Guasque

"It's a bit of a mix-up I can sometimes be involved with planning architecture and another times be creating illustrations for web or painting watercolour portraits."

"I have been working on it since early 90's when I was invited by a friend to make some watercolour sketches for the interiors of a sea front 5 stars hotel in Santa Catarina South Brazil. In no time I was involved in the interior and concept design for the first floor restaurant and ground floor reception."

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Benjamin Anthonisz

"Playboy, LOVEFiLM, SsangYong, Ask Frank, The Laughing Cow, Film Flex, Lancaster University, Carmine, LA Fitness, DirectGov."

"My passion is digital design and illustration. This year I joined as Head of Online Design with the main objective being to redesign their website. I delve in to the freelance market when time allows, but my primary focus at the moment is on the moonpig redesign."

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Graham Higgins

"V&A, Freemantle, Acorn Media, Cork ArtTrail, EatCork, Castle Hotel, Tubs n Tiles."

"Hi, I am a motion graphics designer and I work mostly in After Effects and Maya. Thanks for looking at my work. I still feel a bit of a novice in the motion graphics industry."

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Alex Donne-Johnson

"adidas, Red Bull, Wateraid, Levi's, LOCOG, Activision, National Deaf Children’s Society."

"I am a multidisciplinary creative living and working in London. My work has been featured in numerous magazines and books. Computer Arts magazine named me a 'Leading creative'."

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Mischa Lee

"It’s a kaleidoscope that feeds your different tastes."

"I am a multi-layered graphic designer and illustrator with different personality traits that loves to giggle."

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Lee Ray

"BBC, CBBC, Endemol and Retort."

"I am an experienced Artist and Illustrator with a B.A.Hons Degree in Product Design and 16 years experience in creating Concept Design, Illustration, and CG Models for Video Games, Books, Film and T.V."

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Jack Fairclough

"I'm a massive music nerd."

"Hi I'm Jack….I will illustrate/animate and design for food!"

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Belinda Hawins

"Juggling lots of balls in the air!"

"I've worked in Perth, Western Australia for over 6 years as an agency producer in television production and post-production. Perhaps my biggest achievement was recently setting up an in-house edit facility at Marketforce BBDO, the first of its kind in Western Australia."

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Achraf Amiri

"I am the hidden son of the Addams Family"

"Young creative minded person who loves to express himself in various artistic ways. I like to break the image of the "superficial world" and make it accessible to everyone, with a critical view and a touch of dark humor."

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Dale Edwin-Murray

"I often dream that all my teeth are falling out."

"I'm a UK-based freelance illustrator and graphic artist working in the fields of editorial, advertising, art prints and greetings cards illustration."

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Matthew Sergison-Main

" float like a gas or become tougher than steel!"

"I work on collaborative artworks with artists from all over the world via post in the 'exquisite corpse' style of the surrealists."

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Alison Bates

"I’d like to CONTROL YOUR MIND!"

"I think differently, I’m intelligent and I’ve been around the block so I know what I’m talking about."

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Aindri Chakraborty

"One thousand eyes"

"I find my scanner frustrating"

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Valerie Black

"Mystical, spiritual and mysterious"

"Flying for me is freedom"

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Shelly Perkins


"Organic, traditional meets textural, digital"

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Clare Bishop

"Breathing under water"

"The Darkroom in my iMac"

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David Anthony Wood

"The ability to stop time"

"I try and create the children's books I wish I'd had as a kid"

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Natalie Nicklin

"Time travel"

"A parallel universe constructed from all of our previously imagined technopias"

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Thomas Knowler

"Total efficiency"

"Lrame-by-Frame animation, with emphasis on detailed drawing"

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David Ryan Robinson


"Line art with one or two block colours showing something strange, yet nice to look at."

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Komson Yamshuen

"Time stopper"

"Visually eye catching with a substantially meaningful story."

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Silvia Bartoli

Animal/monster shapeshifter

"Multifaceted character artist, from ideas to concepts and from concepts to life!"

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Sunell Lombard

I want the power to control technology!

"I create caricatures, anthropomorphic characters and cartoons based on people and the myriad ways we express ourselves, interact with each other, and deal with everyday emotions."

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Max Polak

To never need to sleep.

"I started my creative career as a graffiti writer and was priveleged enough to work with the likes of Banksy, Revok & Aroe MSK."

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Peter Bowen

A massive distended brain, full of even more trivia.

"Sometimes with a slightly dark edge, though rarely without a sense of humour."

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Jonny Lawrence

Invisibility power.

"Work hard, learn from the best, be competitive and don't give up."

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Adam Ismail

To teleport to any place or time, instantly.

"My style is often conceptual, ranging from digital art and photo manipulation through to various other graphic design methods."

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Filip Zywica


"Talent is not everything – hard work and passion are"

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John Vincent Aranda

The power to take a photograph or film something using my own vision.

"Imaginative and colourful with an emphasis on storytelling"

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Matt Johnstone

To breathe under water, so I could swim with the fishes.

"Line drawings that are usually detailed, slightly surreal or humorous and aim to tell a story"

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David Legion

To play with my own hair, without feeling like I was me.

"Do whatever it takes to keep the ‘dream' alive"

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Jason Nye

The power of eternal life. Life is just awesome.

"An interesting and eclectic mix of art & design mediums and disciplines, from vector illustration to web design"

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Justin Dowling

The ability to make everyone around me accept that they are wrong about everything

"I put as much enthusiasm into rendering rubbish bins as I do with giant robots"

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Brendon O'Reilly

To have a magic credit card

"Spread the net – don't restrict yourself to your niche industry"

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We Three Club

To be able to split in two, to get more done

"Combining both our styles we offer a really broad range of options and concepts"

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Colette Alexandros

Animation Artist, Illustrator

Morph into a mermaid

"Always carry your artwork with you. Whether it is a business card or even your artwork on your phone, as you never know who you might bump into"

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Chris Hannah

Art Director, Print Designer, Creative Director

Time Travel

"Network, but don't be pushy. You're more likely to find work through people you know"

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Gary Carr

Freelance Front-End Web Developer


"Always make a plan, starting with a pencil and paper no matter what you're working on you need a starting point"

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Mike Watkins

Freelance Graphic Designer

Turn water into diet coke

"Don't just hold out for the cool ad or design agencies - there are thousands of other companies out there that have marketing/ design departments"

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Mario Veltri

Illustrator & Designer


"Art needs love, dedication and constance"

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Rod Hunt

Illustrator, Digital Illustrator

Split into multiple versions of myself

"I was originally intending to go into biochemistry & horticulture"

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Marco Rotoli

Visual Designer

Mind reading

"fail, fail again, fail better"

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Jodie Cox

Illustrator, Digital Design/Development


"Perseverance is a must! Don't give up at the first hurdle..."

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Tom Hughes


Absorb other people's talents

"Work just as hard on promoting yourself as you do drawing pictures. If no one knows you exist, no one can commission you"

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Iain Cox

Illustrator, Storyboard Artist


"I don't feel quite right when I haven't got a pen in my hand, my life feels strangely absent of any purpose"

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